The HEAT Loan Program

The residential HEAT Loan Program provides customers the opportunity to apply for an interest free loan from participating lenders to assist with the installation of qualified energy-efficient improvements in their homes or rental properties.

Loans are available up to $25,000 (terms vary depending on the loan size).

Eligible energy-efficiency improvements may include

  • Weatherization improvements
  • High efficiency heating systems
  • High efficiency domestic hot water systems
  • Solar hot water systems
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified replacement windows
  • ENERGY STAR® thermostat(s)
  • Central Air Conditioning

How do I Know If I am eligible?

Obtain a Home Energy Assessment by calling 866-527-7283 (MA) or 888-633-7947 (RI). You can request a Home Energy Assessment from a Home Assessment Vendor to determine your home’s needs and how best to apply for an energy-efficient loan.

How do I Apply for a HEAT Loan?

Apply below or call us at 508-678-7641 and we will guide you through the loan process. You may also contact us at 866-527-7283 (MA) or 888-633-7947 (RI) for full program application details.

To learn more about the HEAT Loan Program visit or in Rhode Island.

* Applicable to loan applicants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Loan approvals are conditional and are subject to final review. Approvals are good for 30 days and are subject to a review of additional documentation such as the applicants' current pay stubs, tax returns, proof of insurance and any other documentation and verification we may require.