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A CyberSecurity Guide
for our customers

Never respond to an unsolicited e-mail or phone call that appears to be from BayCoast Bank or its affiliates that is asking for personal information such as account number, social security number, or username/password. We will never request such information from you in this manner. (If you initiate a phone call to us, we may need to validate your identity by confirming personal information.)  Likewise, you should never send personal information in emails.

MassHousing Buy
Cities Program

We proudly partner with MassHousing Buy Cities Program for Fall River and New Bedford. 

Buy Fall RiverBuy New Bedford, Buy Taunton, and Buy Attleboro programs are aimed at promoting homeownership within our flagship cities.

These programs are made possible through partnership with local stakeholders including Fall River, New Bedford, and Attleboro Community Development Agencies, MassHousing, and community lending partners like BayCoast Bank.

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