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- Dwight Silvia
Owner, DDS Industries, Fall River

If you've been in a local hospital, city hall, or public school lately, you've probably enjoyed the comfort provided by Dwight Silvia and DDS Industries, a top-notch heating and air-conditioning contractor, supplying custom-built equipment for cities and towns all over the SouthCoast region.  According to Silvia, DDS has been busy and doubled their workforce - all made possible by their relationship with and financing by BayCoast Bank.

- George Mock
Nye Lubricants, Inc., New Bedford

Imagine an international company that's been in New Bedford since just after the Civil War, developing and producing the highest quality lubricants and optical gels for medical devices, computers, and satellites. That's the story of Nye Lubricants.  Owned and operated by the Mock family since 1956. 
When their big bank lender closed up the local office during the recession in 2008, BayCoast Bank stepped in to help. "It's called 'Sleeping at Night'-now that I have BayCoast.
There's a lot of other things to worry about in business.  Now I don't have to worry about my bank, " said Mock.

Fall River YMCA celebrates the new BayCoast Bank Educational Achievement Center with a ribbon cutting ceremony.